pageload eventversion added: 1.0

Description: Triggered after the page is successfully loaded and inserted into the DOM.

  • jQuery( ".selector" ).on( "pageload", function( event ) { ... } )

Callbacks bound to this event will be passed a data object as its 2nd arg. This object contains the following information:

  • url (string)
    • The absolute or relative URL that was passed into $.mobile.loadPage() by the caller.
  • absUrl (string)
    • The absolute version of the url. If url was relative, it is resolved against the url used to load the current active page.
  • dataUrl (string)
    • The filtered version of absUrl to be used when identifying the page and updating the browser location when the page is made active.
  • options (object)
    • This object contains the options that were passed into $.mobile.loadPage().
  • xhr (object)
    • The jQuery XMLHttpRequest object used when attempting to load the page. This is what gets passed as the 3rd argument to the framework's $.ajax() success callback.
  • textStatus (null or string)
    • According to the jQuery Core documentation, this will be a string describing the status. This is what gets passed as the 2nd argument to the framework's $.ajax() error callback.