pagechange eventversion added: 1.0

Description: This event is triggered after the changePage() request has finished loading the page into the DOM and all page transition animations have completed.

  • jQuery( ".selector" ).on( "pagechange", function( event ) { ... } )

Note that any pageshow or pagehide events will have fired *BEFORE* this event is triggered. Callbacks for this particular event will be passed a data object as the 2nd arg. The properties for this object are as follows:

  • toPage (object or string)
    • This property represents the page the caller wishes to make active. It can be either a jQuery collection object containing the page DOM element, or an absolute/relative url to an internal or external page. The value exactly matches the 1st arg to the changePage() call that triggered the event.
  • options (object)
    • This object contains the configuration options to be used for the current changePage() call.